Lingerie. Every. Day

Bralettes became a big thing last year and they don’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Even in the dead of winter, girls are sporting flirty lace and perfectly printed florals over turtle necks and shirts. For a more demure look, I’d opt for a see-through shirt over a lacey number, even a low-cut shirt/top can be sassed up with one of these cute numbers.


My (ever-growing) collection is a mix of Accessorize, ASOS, Calvin Klein and New Look. Feminine and light, bralettes are perfect for ladies with slightly smaller assets and can be worn whatever the weather. Personally, I wouldn’t opt for the over the shirt look, but style is subjective, and there are plenty of women who have rocked said look and owned it.

My mother always told me, “make sure your underwear is presentable, you never know if you could end up in an accident and you don’t want to be laying on a hospital bed in old undies”… I bet you’re having visions of Bridget Jones’s granny panties… I know I am! Funnily, enough, that is something that has always stuck with me, not the warnings of moisturising daily (which I do) or staying away from boys (which I don’t). But this new trend of showing of your underwear on a day-to-day basis has given a whole new meaning to her warning!

S x


Lady of the night/day…


We are so sun deprived here in England that when we so much as sniff a little sunshine we have the urge to flash as much skin as possible. I am no exception, only, being born on a small island (Jamaica) I feel cold if you blow on me (keep your dirty thoughts to yourself!), so naturally I need tights, and a coat and a hat, but my legs are out (semi-out…).


The last time I wore this hat the below conversation with my mother took place:

Me: does this hat look ok?

Mum: yeah, you look like a lady of the night.

Me: 😳  👀 … mum… do you know what that means?

Mum: lady of the night?? I don’t know. Posh? You look posh.

Me: 🙈 🙈 😂  it means prostitute.

Mum:😳 😳 😳  oh… you look like a lady of the day.

Me: 🙄 😂 😂 😂

I’m not sure the shorts helped me but I’d like to think I look like a classy lady of the day…

I love, love, LOVE these heels! I was stood in the queue, clutching onto them when a girl approached me and asked where I got them from, I pointed her to the back of the store but I didn’t have the heart to tell her they were the last size 6… Real leather and a very dark indigo blue, they are super comfortable and look great with ankle length jeans.

Polka dots AND blues are two of the major trends this Spring, this shirt would also partner really well with a pair of skinny jeans and flats for a more casual look.

  • Shorts, coat and boots – Zara
  • Shirt and bag – Primark
  • Sunglasses – Ray-Ban
  • Hat – New Look

S x




Trending tropical

When you have a date and it’s too cold to get your legs out, or you can’t be bothered to shave them, jeans and a shirt combo is always a good look. Dress it up with some fancy heels and a cute clutch, et voila! I opted for more tropical look, despite the chill in the air, they may not look it but these heels are ridiculously comfortable and the clutch??! Well, that was inside a beach bag I bought for holiday last year. Oh. Hey!

  • Jeans, shirt and heels – Zara
  • Clutch – Primark

S x


Birthday cake!!

Layering is EVERYTHING. Granted, it’s the middle of winter and I should be wearing a coat but no pain no gain, right? Taking a crop top, sleeveless coat and staple white shirt I created the below look for my birthday dinner at one of my favourite restaurants, Branca. When buying some crop tops I tend to go a size or two up, purely because I want to wear a shirt underneath.

  • Crop top – Zara
  • Over-sized, white shirt – Zara
  • Jeans – Zara (can you sense a pattern?)
  • Sleeveless jacket – Topshop
  • Heels – ASOS
  • Bag – Primark

S x

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I Need a Hero: Deadpool vs Superman

Age 23 – 27: The years following Uni are filled with uncertainty and panic. Everyone around you is married and you still don’t know if you didn’t get a text back from the guy you matched with because what you said was too kinky, or not kinky enough. Fear not, there are two heroes that are made for this period: F-buddy Vs Gym Bunny.


Real name: Wade Wilson

Height: 6 ft 2

Weight: 210 lbs

Age: 27

Build: Perfect

Typical attire: If you haven’t seen the film you won’t know this, but he has no skin, anywhere… As a result he is usually in a skintight bodysuit.

Powers: Superhuman regenerative abilities, so he can heal and regenerate damaged or destroyed limbs.

Day job: Mercenary, soldier, assassin

Temperament: Goofy with a hint of psycho

Intelligence: High school drop out who tends to use violence over logic

Backstory: Wade Wilson had a troubled upbringing, his mother died of cancer and his father was an abusive drunk. After dropping out of high school he carried out a short stint with the military service, only to use his skills as an assassin later on. Even before he gained his powers Wilson was a anti-hero, beating up bad guys for sweet girls and money.

Deadpool is the cocky guy that you encounter at a bar, he’d insult you, tell you he’s met rocks more interesting than you and make you slap him in the face. Yet, somehow, you’d still end up going home with him, or more realistically, down a back alleyway. You’d get swept up in the drama, his ‘no fucks given’ attitude and wicked sense of humour is infectious. This is the guy you get drunk and have freaky weird sex with, he is the perfect bootycall and possibly riddled with STI’s – so play safe.

Your romance (if you can call it that) would be short lived and possibly end with you doing one of two things: trying desperately to turn your hook ups into day dates (sneaky, seeing him broad daylight won’t make it any less of a situationship) OR you’d naturally drift apart. Him to the next adrenaline fused fight and crazy hot girl and you to a slightly more PG partner.



Real name: Clark Kent

Height: 6ft 3

Weight: 235lbs

Age: 27 

Build: Broad shouldered, tall and toned

Typical attire: Slim fit khakis, thick rimmed Ray Ban reading glasses and perfectly coiffed hair

Powers: Super-everything:

  • Superhuman strength
  • Superhuman speed
  • Superhuman vision (including X-ray, microscopic, telescopic, and infrared)
  • Superhuman hearing
  • Invulnerability
  • Heat vision
  • Flight
  • Super breath (also freeze breath)

Day job: Journalist

Temperament: Super-sweet

Intelligence: Surely the geek chic glasses are an indication…


So, technically, Clark Kent is an alien… I too am having visions of face huggers running across the floor but he’s not that kind of alien. Born on the planet Krypton, he was rocketed to earth in a bid to save his life when his home was destroyed, he was found and adopted by a farmer and his wife in Kansas where he grew up.

Being raised in such a humble setting Kent was a quiet boy, always helping on the farm and did his homework on time, he would have been the model son. Knowing what he was capable of and where he came from he would have worked doubly hard to go unnoticed, let’s be honest, you wouldn’t look twice at a 6ft 3 stud with green eyes and dark hair. Sounds like an absolute beast.

Compared to Deadpool, I imagine you’d meet a bespectacled Clark Kent under less seedy circumstances, maybe in a library researching his next article or in Waitrose picking a pack of quinoa. After exchanging a few shy glances, he’d take a few uncertain steps in your direction, remember that he is responsible for saving all of mankind, and quickly retreat. So inevitably, being the 21st century forward-thinking woman you are, you instigate conversation. He’d laugh at your bad avocado joke (guacward) and you’d suggest continuing your scintillating salad chat over a coffee, the next few hours would be filled with cute conversation where you’d laugh too hard and use the opportunity to not-so-slyly touch his arms. Regardless of the clear attraction Kent would not have it in him to pursue a long-term relationship, his strong moral compass would take over and reason would lead him away from a happily ever after and back to planet Krypton.

Even if everyone around is married and has 2.5 children by the time they are 27 it doesn’t mean you have to be too. These guys are either too damaged or too busy saving lives to think about the prospect of a family right now so they are perfect for that ‘I don’t really know what I’m doing’ phase. Neither one of them float my boat, Superman is just too… Clean. I love a good looking man as much as the next woman, but he’s too pretty. Whereas Deadpool is just too… Dirty. Physically, he’s pretty special, and yes, I can look past the lack of skin, but back alleys aren’t really my thing.

Captain America and Thor take centre stage next time (I hope you’re all as excited as I am).

S x


Prima ballerina

Most little girls dream about being a princess or a ballerina. Growing up, my hair was far too big to hold a crown and, coming from Jamaica, my dance moves weren’t very dainty or graceful. But when my annual Christmas Eve dinner with my two closest friends came around, I was suddenly a 5 year old girl itching to prance around in a tutu… Well the kind big girls wear.


Santa baby

This particular look was one I’ve wanted to try for a while. But finding a tulle skirt when they are out of season is IMPOSSIBLE. Eventually, I resorted to eBay, this little number was… Wait for it… £3.50!! It’s been sat in my (over-flowing) wardrobe for a few months and a girly dinner at Xmas seemed like the right time to try it out. Partnered with my Zara turtle-neck I added a subtle pop of colour with my geometric courts (also Zara) and a dash of sass with red lips, oh and I straightened out the curls (need to keep that crown in place).


Fashion is inspired by so many aspects of our lives, be it a piece of art, a piece of lego or your childhood dreams, it might not sound like a good idea  at the time (imagine saying “I’m wearing a tutu” out-loud – I forgot how to say ‘tulle’) but a risk is usually worth it. And now, I’m just looking for any excuse to be a prima ballerina again.

S x


Flashback to Fashion Week

I have a incredibly high metabolism, I tend to crave fruit over chocolate, and my mother looks younger than me. All of this means that on a good day I look presentable, on great day I could be a model (or so I’ve been told). After lots of prodding I attended the models casting for Oxford Fashion Week and to my surprise I was invited to walk in three shows!!

Paris, London, New York and Milan are renowned for the luxurious labels and the A-listers adorning the front row, but Oxford Fashion Studio (OFS) have brought a whole new meaning to Fashion Week. From the classy launch party at House Bar to the Independent Collections and Concept & Couture show at Town Hall, every night is action packed.

The Bloggers Party gives local fashion lovers a chance to showcase their favourite designers, hosted by the  Jam Factory, the Fashion Illustration Workshops allow budding artists to receive advice from a seasoned designer and the talk on Cultural Appropriation brings together a panel of industry experts to discuss the positives and negatives behind cultural appropriation.

Fashion Week is more than just dressing up and posing for a camera, by organising all of these events in some of the most beautiful and historical buildings in Oxford, OFS have added a touch of character and dollop of charm.

The outfits…

For the launch party I wore these Zara houndstooth culottes, an off-the-shoulder body from ASOS and my mustard caged heels, also Zara.



Werk it!




Fairy vibes – Im thinking glitter should be a part of my every day makeup look…

Such a surreal experience! I met some truly amazing people and felt so incredibly privileged to be part of such a versatile and innovative team.

S x