OX Magazine

They often say it’s who you know, not what you know and my experiences have taught me that couldn’t be more accurate. Last year, I was told there was someone I had to meet, he had seen my blog and wanted to give me a column in a local magazine. I have never imagined myself as a columnist and I wasn’t entirely sure of what it would entail but I went along to meet the mysterious Mr Smith with my heart in mouth and timid skip in my step. Fast forward a year and I am still working for OX Magazine and loving every second of it. Granted, my editor Mr Smith has banned me from writing about dating (such a scrooge) instead, he has encouraged me to delve a little deeper and I couldn’t be more thankful to him and the OX team. I write monthly column Made in Oxfordshire where I celebrate the many women who made/ are making an impact on this world and have a history in this fine city and I often write features for the magazine also. Please see the below examples, feel free to comment/share.