Prima ballerina

Most little girls dream about being a princess or a ballerina. Growing up, my hair was far too big to hold a crown and, coming from Jamaica, my dance moves weren’t very dainty or graceful. But when my annual Christmas Eve dinner with my two closest friends came around, I was suddenly a 5 year old girl itching to prance around in a tutu… Well the kind big girls wear.


Santa baby

This particular look was one I’ve wanted to try for a while. But finding a tulle skirt when they are out of season is IMPOSSIBLE. Eventually, I resorted to eBay, this little number was… Wait for it… £3.50!! It’s been sat in my (over-flowing) wardrobe for a few months and a girly dinner at Xmas seemed like the right time to try it out. Partnered with my Zara turtle-neck I added a subtle pop of colour with my geometric courts (also Zara) and a dash of sass with red lips, oh and I straightened out the curls (need to keep that crown in place).


Fashion is inspired by so many aspects of our lives, be it a piece of art, a piece of lego or your childhood dreams, it might not sound like a good idea  at the time (imagine saying “I’m wearing a tutu” out-loud – I forgot how to say ‘tulle’) but a risk is usually worth it. And now, I’m just looking for any excuse to be a prima ballerina again.

S x


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